If you are using local timezone formatting in your Go project, you might have experienced a sudden issue with incorrectly formatted dates over the past few days. Despite summer time ending in Europe last weekend, Go still formats the date as if it was active. So for the location of Europe/Zagreb, it still shows up as CEST instead of CET.

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The background story is already covered in great detail here. The short version is that a few months ago there was a change in the way how timezone data is built to make definitions more compact. At the same time…

Like any relatively new tool, there are a lot of small things about AWS Lambda that you don’t figure out before really diving into it. Below I outline 5 areas where you can expect challenges, and ways to address them.

1. Code structure

Unlike traditional, monolithic applications where setup is typically straightforward, seemingly simple things on Lambda may require some workarounds.

Lambda doesn’t support typical environment variables, but there are some alternatives:

  • Stage variables — Although stage variables only work for functions that are called through API Gateway, they are an easy way to set specific variables for each development stage.
  • Build phase…

Sergej Jakovljev

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